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Hey everyone

Hey everyone. So I'm back. Sort of, since I'm in a strange and distant country. The timezone of Japan is 16 hours different than my old timezone, so obviously updates would be different anyway, but WAIT, there's more! I am very busy teaching Junior High kids at 4 schools and it demands a lot of my time outside of class. Therefore, updates will be made - whenever I can make them. I really do enjoy making this comic though, so I'm going to update as much as I can - but there might be a week when I have, for example, Prefectural Speech Contests or some such thing (like right now). Also I get called to do weird things. Today I taught 3 kids on a remote island, those 3 kids are the entire student body. So anyway, what I'm saying is, sorry if I'm slow, but please keep reading, I'm not gonna stop making the comic (come hell or highwater, that sort of thing). Ok? See you soon.

- D

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